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Coral Restoration

Implementing sexually propagated coral recruits into outplanting efforts

Project Lead:  Joseph Henry

Collaborators:  The Florida Aquarium

Funding:  Cynthia A. Melnick Endowment


Seagrass Restoration

Testing propeller scar restoration techniques on Florida’s Nature Coast

Project Lead:  Shelby Thomas

Collaborators:  Nature Coast Biological Station, Florida Sea Grant, Big Bend Seagrasses Aquatic Preserve

Funding:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Sponge Restoration

Testing shallow water sponge restoration strategies in the Florida Keys.

Project Lead:  Shelly Krueger

Collaborators:  Simi Sponge Company, Florida Sea Grant, FWC

Funding:  Florida Sea Grant, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Diadema Sea Urchins

Developing aquaculture of an important coral reef herbivore

Project Lead:  Aaron Pilnick

Collaborators:  The Florida Aquarium, FWC, Martin Moe

Funding:  The Florida Aquarium, University of Florida, Florida Sea Grant


Bay Scallop Restoration

Evaluating scallop hatchery genetics and larval releases in Tampa Bay

Project Lead:  Shelby Thomas

Collaborators:  FWC

Funding:  Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund

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